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How The Sims 4 Will Be Different To The Sims 3

"Life's possibilities are endless. By extension, a game series intending to simulate life would also hope to have endless possibilities. The Sims series has attempted to encompass this, spawning four core games and over 50 add-on packs. Despite the ac"

I spent my first few moments of the game looking at the available options and examining the HUD. This left my Sim idle for a while, and she became bored. Acting autonomously, my Sim proceeded to the wardrobe to try on different clothes. The result saw her gain a morale boost from trying on new outfits, putting her in a confident mood that would last late into the night. This newfound confident emotion affected how my Sim would carry out her actions, turning simple tasks such as using the toilet into "Pee Like a Champion." According to the moodlet buff, because my Sim had the personality trait of being self-assured, she was more likely to frequently experience these bouts of confidence.

Different actions sent my Sim into different emotional states. For example, hitting the nightclub for a few glasses of juice put my Sim in a flirty mood, which increased the success rate of her attempts to hit on other Sims. Later at home, my Sim found her spirits lifted in a refreshing shower. Emerging inspired, she would go on to receive a boost in her efforts to learn to play the guitar.

That is, once I purchased one for her. Much like in previous Sims games, the Buy mode in The Sims 4 catalogs items by function or room type. However, I was now able to search directly for the item I was looking for, negating the need to browse through pages of objects that I wasn't interested in. Typing the word "guitar" in the search bar returned the results I was looking for, and moments later my inspired Sim was jamming away on the instrument.

A search bar has been added to Buy mode.

Posted on Aug 29, 2014


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